Our COVID-19 Protocols Keeping Our Clients Safe

The Hope House has worked diligently to keep clients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both our Scottsdale Rehab and Vereda Solana Mansion comply with all local and federal guidelines surrounding COVID-19 to minimize exposure and reduce risk to everyone on site.

The Hope House is built on small group recovery, accepting just 10 clients at a time. Our facilities are 10,000sq ft and sit on large, desert properties. Due to the large property, clients have space to comfortably maintain a safe distance and clients are not being exposed to many people during treatment.

We’ve implemented the following policies to ensure we can continue to deliver the highest quality of care:

  • Clients are tested for COVID-19 before being entering our main facility by using an FDA authorized nucleocapsid protein antigen test.
    • Any client testing positive for COVID-19 must delay admission until a negative lab test has been verified.
  • Staff are required to wear masks while at the facility and maintain an acceptable distance from clients and their peers.
  • Staff are required to wash their hands regularly, continually disinfect surfaces, and call-out from their shift if they exhibit any signs of illness.
  • Everyone entering the facility has their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer and are not allowed access to the building if they are running a fever.
  • All non-client facing employees have moved off-site.
  • In-person visits and tours have been temporarily suspended.
    • Clients now have dedicated virtual sessions with their families.
    • Virtual tours are offered for each facility for safer walkthroughs.
  • Opportunities for mental health therapy and developing coping tactics have been expanded to facilitate those dealing with increased anxiety around COVID-19 and reduced interpersonal interactions.
  • Aftercare planning has been modified to help clients navigate continuing treatment while maintaining safe distance precautions.

Our staff continues to monitor local and federal alerts regarding COVID-19 protocols and will alter protocols as needed. We’ve outlined a number of common FAQs below, but if you have specific questions or concerns regarding The Hope House’s protocols, speak with our admissions team today.

COVID-19 Protocols FAQ

Virtual tours of each facility highlight the client rooms, common areas, and amenities. You can view the Scottsdale Rehab virtual tour here, and the Vereda Solana Mansion virtual tour here.

No. All clients receiving treatment have tested negative before being admitted and are monitored daily for any signs of illness. However, you must wear a mask upon arrival and are free to wear one as often as you like while inside the house.

No. Rehab is a life-saving measure for those battling addiction and cannot wait. Instead, clients should pay close attention to their health and socially distance before their admission date. Additionally, attend rehab at a facility that is focused and communicative on taking precautions to keep all clients and staff safe.

Let your therapist and case manager know about the anxiety you are feeling so they can work on a personalized coping plan for you during and after treatment. Our clinicians are expertly trained on confronting mental illness and motivating clients to pursue their recovery.

While the precautions we’ve taken will help ensure your safety, if a client is still concerned about COVID-19 they should:

  • Wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds
  • Wear a mask in common areas and during group sessions
  • Report their feelings to staff to ensure all are accommodating acceptable distance as often as possible

Is It Safe to Attend Rehab During COVID-19?