What to Expect in Rehab Treatment at The Hope House

Pre-Admission Process

To ensure The Hope House is the best fit for you, we take all prospective clients through a pre-admissions process. This can take less than an hour or a few days depending on when the client is looking to check in.

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To set yourself up for success read What to Bring to The Hope House before your start date.

Treatment Timeline

Treatment will vary largely on the client and how long they are staying with The Hope House. Here is an overview of a 30-day treatment program, but we can expedite or extend treatment based on your personalized program.

Day 1

Your first day will primarily consist of meeting the staff, being introduced to your fellow clients, and settling into your room.

Specifically, all clients undergo extensive intake assessments by clinical and medical staff so as to create a fully personalized treatment plan that is utilized for the duration of your stay.

Day 2

All clients at The Hope House have a dedicated case manager who ensures their needs are met during and after treatment.

Case managers deliver an initial treatment plan and assist with any “outside world” issues. This includes: court appearances, legal issues, impounded cars, probation, bills, employment, and more to help create solutions and a plan forward.

Day 3 - 27

Personalized treatment plans are prepared within a week; however, you can typically expect:

  • Weekly 1:1 meetings with a primary therapist and as-needed individual sessions during the week.
  • Daily group sessions including talk therapy, equine therapy, exercise, and more.
  • Weekly medical assessments.
  • Ad hoc individual “homework” to enhance self-reflection.

Day 28-30

In the final days of treatment, clients will meet with a case manager to establish an aftercare plan.

Recovery is a lifelong process and doesn’t end after a client’s stay. Setting up aftercare is a critical component for all clients and is handled on an individual basis. Our case managers can set clients up with sober living accommodations, assist in finding a sponsor and group meetings in their area, establish an ongoing MAT provider, and more.

Inpatient treatment can be shorter or longer than 30 days depending on the client’s needs.

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