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HART Rehab by The Hope House

Treatment Center Address

9220 E Vereda Solana Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85225

Phone: 480-447-4252

The Hope House Accreditations

HART Rehab Named Best Suboxone Treatment Center in Scottsdale

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Our Amenities

Not only does the HART Rehab come with advanced treatment and care options, we also ensure our clients are comfortable and happy during their stay with us. Our rehab comes with relaxing and fun amenities to ensure our clients’ stay is as enjoyable as possible.

Sport Court

For those wanting to get active without going to the gym, there is a sport court available for a variety of activities. Not only is it good for exercise, it is a great team-building activity you can take advantage of to get to know others at The Hope House – HART Rehab.

Other amenities at our HART Rehab location include: pool & hot tub, in-room HD TVs, multi-media center, pool table, massages, acupuncture, yoga & meditation room, fitness center, and more.

Gourmet Meals

All clients at The Hope House – HART Rehab enjoy gourmet meals prepared by our in-house chef daily. Three meals are prepared daily to ensure clients get the proper nutrients they need so they can dedicate their time on their sobriety and recovery. Clients with dietary restrictions can request an adjusted menu.

Hot Sauna

Saunas have been shown to have various health benefits and can help our clients relax. They can take some time to purge the toxins in their body and come out feeling refreshed and ready to take on recovery.

Recovery is possible. We can help.

Addiction Treatment Options

At The Hope House – HART Rehab, our masters-level clinicians provide all clients with evidence-based programming in both individual and group settings. These include:

Icon Representing An Anxiety Disorder Coupled


At The Hope House, we understand every client is different. We offer various treatment tracks to ensure each client is getting what they need. For example, our Executive Treatment Program allows clients to continue to conduct business with a telephone, computer, and private room, all while going through their treatment program.

Icon Indicating The Behavioral Therapy Offered At The Hope House


Behavioral, or talk therapy, is the backbone of the recovery process and considered the gold standard in addiction treatment. Clients will learn how to avoid relapse and overcome the obstacles which may stand in the way of their recovery.

Family Therapy Icon For Addiction Treatment


Addiction is something which has a ripple effect, impacting the whole family. The Hope House offers clients a chance to meet with their family in a group setting so all family members can discuss addiction, learn from it, and better understand how they can help their loved one following discharge.

Icon Indicating The Medication Assisted Treatment Available At The Hope House


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an aspect of treatment proven to help with opioid abuse and alcoholism. At The Hope House we can prescribe and administer MAT to help clients manage withdrawal symptoms and avoid relapse.

Icon Indicating The Alumni Support Available At The Hope House


Sobriety is a lifelong struggle, it doesn’t just end when you walk out our doors. At The Hope House, we work with many great organizations around the valley to ensure clients will have support throughout the entire continuum of care.

To learn about all the offerings at The Hope House - HART Rehab and what your treatment plan might look like, call our admissions team today.

Our Staff

The Hope House – HART Rehab provides masters-level clinicians and licensed psychologists to ensure the highest quality addiction treatment. Our therapist practice and open-door policy allowing clients to request additional sessions as they need. Our leadership team is made up of experience addiction experts looking to treat our clients’ minds and bodies.

Our Arizona Locations

We’ve implemented strict protocols in accordance with local and federal COVID-19 guidelines to avoid any exposures. If you are concerned about seeking treatment amid the pandemic, take a look at the measures we’re taking to keep you safe.

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