Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Go Beyond Replacing One Drug for Another

At The Hope House, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is used on a case-by-case basis for clients who are struggling to manage withdrawal symptoms, stay in treatment, and achieve long-term recovery. We do not simply swap one drug for another, but focus on finding the right combination of therapy and medication to get you back on track.

MAT Medications We Offer

Our medical staff utilizes proven medications to ease cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms as you work toward long-term recovery in therapy:

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An Icon Of A Pill And Other Medication That May Be Used During Medication Assisted Treatment


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MAT Therapies at The Hope House

While our medical staff helps manage symptoms with specific medications, our clinical team works to help you build proven, long-term recovery strategies that you can use with or without medication.

Behavioral Therapies

While behavioral therapies are utilized outside of MAT, they are a critical component of medication-assisted treatment. Our masters-level clinicians utilize proven behavioral therapies including: cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and motivational interviewing.

These therapies have shown the most success, especially for opioid users who are utilizing MAT to stay committed to treatment and develop long-term sobriety strategies.

Pain Management Techniques

With numerous people using addiction as a coping mechanism for chronic pain, we’ve found MAT to be a useful tool in helping clients manage pain levels while confronting addiction. Outside of medications to alleviate pain, we use alternative treatments to help clients develop healthy coping mechanisms, including: biofeedback, yoga, acupuncture, and more.

Trauma-Informed Strategies

Our therapists are trained across multiple disciplines to provide clients with the therapy they need when they need it. While medication can help clients manage their physical and mental dependencies on drugs, working with a trauma-informed therapist allows our clients to recognize the root cause of their addiction and learn to overcome it, safely.

Our masters-level clinicians also utilize key therapies for confronting trauma, including: Somatic Experiencing, massage therapy, psychodynamic therapy, EMDR, and more.

Holistic Treatment Approaches

With a focus on healing the mind and body, holistic treatments are at the core of what we do for clients. At The Hope House, clients can expect alternative therapies like tai chi, equine therapy, CES, and more.

These holistic approaches help our clients develop multiple tools they can utilize in their daily life to overcome triggers and live a drug-free life. 

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Our Commitment to You

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Personalized Recovery

We know that addiction looks different for every individual, which is why we’re focused on providing you with a personalized recovery plan that can include MAT medications and extensive therapy options.

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Expert Clinicians

Our masters-level clinicians are trained across multiple disciplines to offer robust therapy options. We also practice an open-door policy allowing clients to work with staff outside of regularly scheduled sessions.

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Guaranteed Privacy

From your first call to aftercare we promise ultimate privacy. Our 10,000 sq. ft. mansions sit in the hills of Scottsdale for secluded recovery. Our facilities are home to just 10 clients each month, ensuring you have the space and individual attention you deserve.

MAT Support Programs

For those who partake in MAT, they will benefit from our standard programs confronting addiction at the source.


Medication-assisted treatment is often misconstrued as replacing one drug for another. However, at its core, the medications are meant to help those who’ve become physically dependent on a substance normalize their body chemistry and stay in treatment long enough to develop healthy coping strategies.

Therapy and medical consultations are included in the base cost of rehab at The Hope House. However, the specific medications used during treatment may come at an additional cost. Our medical staff will work to ensure medications are cost effective and confirm insurance benefits around medications.

MAT is intended to use medications as a pathway to success and help clients stay in therapy longer. Therapy allows clients to confront the inner causes of their addiction and perhaps stop taking medications in the future.

Yes. We know clients can struggle to find aftercare that supports the continuation of MAT. Our case managers have a variety of aftercare options that are “MAT-friendly” to help you continue your treatment.