Executive Treatment Program at The Hope House

Continue Working While Recovering

We make it easy to meet your professional obligations while focusing on overcoming your addiction.

What’s Included in Executive Rehab

Access to

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Work Space

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Benefits of Executive Rehab


While companies often provide PTO, FMLA, or short-term disability, many find it difficult to step away from a demanding job to attend treatment. With the Executive Rehab Program at The Hope House, we enable you to continue your professional obligations while receiving care.

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All clients in the Executive Rehab Program are given private rooms, a personal balcony, and working space. They can use their computers and laptops during free times in their treatment schedules to take meetings or handle work tasks in private.

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Typically, clients are only allowed to meet with pre-approved visitors on weekends. However, clients in the Executive Rehab Program are allowed to contact colleagues and family throughout the week to keep up with their professional tasks.

Get Help Overcoming Your Addiction

Our Executive Rehabs

Most Insurances Accepted

Executive Treatment Support Programs

While each client receives 100% personalized treatment, we offer programs that help guide your recovery.


All clients can enroll in the Executive Treatment Program. Our clinical staff will work with you upon admission to ensure your professional and treatment schedules align.

Portions of the executive rehab program may come at an additional cost. However, our admissions team can work with you to make treatment cost effective and functional for your professional needs.

Executive programs are typically an additional accommodation not covered by insurance. However, our admissions team can work with you on pricing, adjusting what executive benefits you utilize, and more to ensure you get the treatment you need.

Our dual diagnosis program is available to all clients and includes mental health screenings, dedicated mental health sessions in your treatment plan, and mental health-specific aftercare.

For more information visit our program page, here.