Luxury Rehab Program

More Than Amenities

Luxury rehab focuses on the client and provides personalized care beyond what typical treatment centers can offer. While the amenities are often higher end, the real distinction is: access to highly qualified clinicians, a multifaceted list of therapy options, and the space and privacy to recover from addiction.

Luxury Rehab Explained: What It Is and Why It’s Important

How We Lead the Industry

Luxury treatment is the standard at The Hope House and does not come at an additional cost. All clients who enter The Hope House will receive the luxury rehab program, which includes:

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Multi-Disciplinary Clinicians

Our masters-level clinicians are trained across treatment modalities to offer nearly any therapy a client could need. Our team focuses on mental health, trauma, talk therapy, and holistic approaches.

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1-on-1 Approach

Our 10,000 sq ft facilities are home to just 10 clients each month, ensuring the 1-on-1 treatment you deserve. Our team also practices an open-door policy allowing clients to receive care outside of regularly scheduled sessions.

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Guaranteed Privacy

From your first call to after care, our team follows strict protocols providing the utmost privacy. Our treatment centers are tucked away in the Scottsdale mountains ensuring privacy and tranquility.

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Luxury Amenities

Our luxury rehab centers offer regular access to resort-style pools, hot tubs, saunas, fully equipped fitness centers, private chefs, and more. Each home touts unique amenities you can see in our on-site and virtual tours.

Achieve Long-Term Recovery at The Hope House

Our Luxury Rehabs

Most Insurances Accepted

Luxury Rehab Support Programs

While each client receives 100% personalized treatment, we offer programs that help guide your recovery.


No! Luxury rehab is our base treatment and thus, everyone who receives care at The Hope House will get luxury treatment from our masters-level clinicians.

In short, luxury rehab offers more treatment options, highly qualified staff, guaranteed anonymity, and a focus on comfort during recovery.

For a more detailed breakdown, check out Luxury Rehab Explained on our blog.

Our Dual Diagnosis Program is available to all clients and includes mental health screenings, dedicated mental health sessions in your treatment plan, and mental health-specific aftercare.

We have a dedicated Executive Treatment Program for just this need. Clients are given private rooms, access to electronics, modified treatment schedules, and more.

Most insurances are accepted at The Hope House including: Cigna, United Healthcare, GEHA, UMR and more. We are also in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Healthnet, and Tricare.

Give our addiction specialists a call to verify your specific benefits.