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United Healthcare Insurance Coverage

United Healthcare is a global healthcare company that provides insurance to about 45 million people around the globe. While coverage does depend on the plan, United Healthcare does provide substance abuse coverage for everything from detoxification to inpatient rehab to outpatient recovery.

If you are covered by United Healthcare and need help overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction, call our admissions team today.


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Does United Healthcare cover rehab?

United Healthcare plans will vary depending on the specific plan, including ChoiceChoice Plus, and PPO. However, you will likely see many different forms of addiction treatment covered by most plans, including:

  1. Detox
  2. Inpatient Treatment
  3. Outpatient Treatment
  4. Prescription Medications
  5. Behavioral Health Therapy

Specific Substance Abuse Coverage

Those looking into rehab programs may be wondering if their, or their loved one’s, addiction will be covered. While it may depend on your coverage, generally United Healthcare covers treatment for most popular drugs and substances including: alcoholism, opioid use disorder, cocaine use, meth use, benzo abuse, and more.

UHC Mental Health Coverage

Because mental health is a common co-occurring disorder that affects, and sometimes causes, addiction issues, it is common for healthcare organizations to cover behavioral health treatment alongside substance abuse. For this reason, it is important to find a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment programs. 

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), substance abuse and behavioral health services are recognized by the federal government as one of the ten essential services insurance providers must cover. Meaning patients must be treated the same whether they are seeking preventative care or addiction treatment.

While rehab is deemed essential, your particular plan will dictate how much is covered and how much you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Most likely you will have a deductible requirement before insurance kicks in. If you’ve yet to meet your deductible for the year, you have a variety of options to pay for rehab until insurance kicks including a personal loan, credit card, payment plan, and more.

Will my insurance premium go up after rehab?

No. It is illegal for insurance companies to increase your insurance premiums after using it.

Learn more about your UHC rehab benefits, today.

United Healthcare has a 24/7 dedicated hotline to help their customers get confidential support for a drug or alcohol substance abuse problem. This helpline offers guidance on treatment options and provides answers to any questions that you may have.

The Hope House is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and both of our luxury rehab treatment centers are partnered with United Healthcare to make treatment as affordable as possible. Both our facilities offer extensive addiction treatment options including a robust mental health program for dual diagnoses and an executive treatment track for business professionals.

Our team will work closely with your insurance to fully understand your unique benefits plan and ensure maximum coverage.

Does UHC cover local or out-of-state rehab?

Yes. United Healthcare provides cover across the United States and is not typically associated with the state you reside in. Your specific plan details will need to be confirmed prior to choosing an addiction treatment center.

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