Fentanyl Street Names Slang for Fentanyl Produced Illegally

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl in its simplest form is a synthetic opioid painkiller that began as a prescription drug and has since found space on the black market. Fentanyl is similar to morphine, but 50 to 100 times stronger. Because of the increased potency, illegally manufactured fentanyl is often mixed with other drugs as it reduces costs to the dealer while allowing them to charge more, and also increases the high and addiction potential for those using it.

Brand name fentanyl

Because fentanyl got its start as a prescription pain killer, it is also known by the brand name. There are multiple ways fentanyl is distributed, thus, numerous brand names:

Duragesic – Fentanyl patches applied directly to the skin

Sublimaze – This form of fentanyl is typically delivered through an IV or shot and given to patients following surgery.

Actiq – Developed for cancer patients, Actiq distributes fentanyl through lozenges, often referred to as fentanyl lollipops

Onsolis – Another form of fentanyl created to treat cancer pain, Onsolis is a film that sticks to the side of your cheek and dissolves within 30 minutes.

Fentora — A small tablet that dissolves in the mouth; created for cancer patients who have become resistant to the pain relief of other prescription opioids.

Subsys – Created to treat narcotic-resistant cancer patients, Subsys is a liquid form of fentanyl sprayed under the tongue.

Lazanda – A nasal spray used as needed; typically prescribed to cancer patients with intermittent, extreme bursts of pain.

What is the street name for fentanyl?

While there are numerous legitimate reasons to use fentanyl, it is highly addictive and extremely potent, resulting in a high demand of the street drug market. Fentanyl street names typically include:

  • Crazy One
  • Dance Fever
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Fire
  • Friend
  • Goodfella
  • Great Bear
  • He-Man
  • Heineken
  • Jackpot
  • Murder 8;
  • Nal
  • Nil
  • Tango & Cash
  • TNT

Fentanyl street names that play on the name

Some of the most obvious nicknames for fentanyl revolve around variations of the name. The DEA provided a comprehensive list of street names for fentanyl that include:

  • F
  • Fent
  • Fenty
  • Freddy
  • Fuf (fuanyl fentanyl)
  • Opes

Slang for fentanyl based on its origin

Fentanyl is an opioid, and while it was technically created by a Belgian scientist, it is often associated with opioids as a whole, which got their start in China via poppy plants. Therefore, a number of the names revolve around China.

  • China Girl
  • China Town
  • China White
  • Chinese Buffet
  • Pharmacy (a play on Fentanyl’s legal prescription counterpart)
  • Lollipop (used to describe the lozenge brand name)

Fentanyl nicknames derived from the color

Fentanyl comes not just in a range of forms, but also in a range of colors. Typically, the variety of colors only occur in pill form and is often meant to resemble another drug (ie: counterfeit pills).

  • Blue Diamond
  • Blue Dolphin
  • Blues
  • China White
  • Gray Stuff
  • King Ivory
  • Snowflake
  • White Girl/White Ladies

Common slang for fentanyl mixed with other drugs

As mentioned above, Fentanyl is extremely addictive and potent. It is commonly mixed with (cut into) various other drugs like methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, MDMA and more. The practice is so common, in fact, people often do not refer to these combos by fentanyl nicknames – many never even realizing their drugs have been cut with the synthetic opioid.

Being unaware of fentanyl in the purchased drugs has led to fentanyl becoming the number one cause of overdoses in the U.S.

  • Birria (mixed with heroin)
  • Chiva Loca (mixed with heroin)
  • Facebook (mixed with heroin in pill form)
  • Dirty Fentanyl (mixed with cocaine)
  • Takeover (mixed with cocaine)

Slang for fentanyl based on other drugs

With other drugs so often being cut with fentanyl without telling the drug user has resulted in many referring to fentanyl by the same name as other drugs:

Recovering from Fentanyl Addiction

If you’ve found yourself searching for fentanyl street names you are likely concerned that your loved one is using fentanyl or struggling with fentanyl addiction and its effects. Remember, fentanyl can stay in your system for up to 72 hours after use, so you must call your healthcare provider for support and treatment.

Opioid treatment programs have been launched all over the world to help people overcome their addiction and its side effects – making words like TNT, goodfellas, and apache a thing of the past.

Rehab does work if your loved one is ready for treatment with many successfully staying sober months and years later.

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