Tempe Rehab Specialized Care For Drug & Alcohol Addiction

In Arizona, The Hope House presents two exclusive inpatient rehabilitation programs, delivering customized care for drug and alcohol addiction to promote holistic healing of the mind and body.

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Easily accessible just 30 minutes north of Tempe, The Hope House treatment centers help people from all over the Valley and those coming to Arizona to overcome addiction and start anew.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs

In Tempe, the typical age for starting alcohol use is around 21.5 years old. Alcohol is frequently the initial substance tried and can sometimes pave the way for trying other drugs. Annually, about 5,000 young individuals lose their lives due to underage drinking. Furthermore, 90% of alcohol consumed by youth is through binge drinking.

Given the relatively high rate of substance abuse and its proximity to a distinctive environment, recovery centers have been established across the metropolitan area. Typically, treatment can be categorized into three main groups:

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Inpatient Rehab

Once the body begins to heal from substance abuse, individuals can proceed to inpatient rehabilitation. For many, this involves a 30-day program at a facility offering daily therapy and intensive sessions. While various settings exist for inpatient treatment, numerous recovery centers in Arizona prioritize access to the sunny environment, interaction with nature, and embracing the rejuvenating atmosphere characteristic of the Western paradise.

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Outpatient Treatment

Following completion of inpatient treatment, which focuses on healing the mind, individuals typically transition to ongoing outpatient treatment. This may encompass Sober Living, intensive outpatient programs, regular therapy sessions, and more. This phase is crucial for maintaining the success of rehabilitation and preventing relapse.

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Medical Detox

Due to the physiological changes that occur in the body following substance use, many individuals must undergo some form of detox before progressing with treatment. This phase enables the body to heal physically and eliminate toxins in a monitored environment. Detoxification from alcohol and opioids is particularly vital for your well-being, as withdrawal symptoms from both substances can be life-threatening.

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The Hope House Drug Rehab

For individuals grappling with both prescription medication and illicit drug misuse, know that you’re not alone. Annually, nearly 120,000 individuals throughout the Valley face similar challenges. Since the tracking of overdose cases began in 2017, over 12,000 people have suffered from drug overdose.

To address opioid use, the state has secured funding for medication-assisted treatment (MAT). While MAT programs may vary across facilities, at The Hope House, MAT is offered as a voluntary program. Clients can opt to participate to gain access to medication that helps reduce cravings. Although controversial, MAT has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing relapse rates among opioid users.

The Hope House Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol misuse remains the predominant substance issue among individuals, with nearly 180,000 individuals contending with alcohol addiction annually. Due to its legal status in Arizona and widespread availability across the Valley, many individuals initially engage in social drinking, which can progressively escalate to binge drinking and eventual physical dependency.

Some individuals are categorized as “functioning alcoholics,” managing to maintain employment and family responsibilities despite their struggles with alcohol. In response, The Hope House has developed a specialized program that allows individuals to undergo treatment while still fulfilling their outside obligations. This program provides clients with private accommodations, access to electronic devices, and a flexible schedule, enabling them to pursue recovery while managing their other commitments.

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Paying for Rehab in The Hope House

Apart from state-funded facilities, rehabilitation centers in Arizona frequently provide various payment options to enhance affordability, such as:

Pay For Rehab In Arizona With Private Insurance

Private Insurance

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Personal Loan

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Credit Card

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State Funds

Using Insurance for Recovery

At The Hope House, we’ve collaborated with numerous insurance providers nationwide to assist in mitigating the expenses of treatment. Our team of addiction specialists can evaluate your policy within 24 hours and provide you with a detailed overview of its coverage. Once treatment commences, we’ll liaise directly with your insurance company to ensure proper processing of your policy.

Most Insurances Accepted

Determining the Best Rehab in Arizona

With 166 rehabilitation centers listed in Arizona, selecting the most suitable one can pose a challenge. For a detailed guide to help you navigate this decision, visit our blog on identifying the best rehab in Arizona. Some key questions to consider include:

  • Do you provide dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health issues?
  • Are you accredited by the Joint Commission?
  • Are your clinicians master’s-level professionals?
  • What is your capacity for accepting clients at one time?

When inquiring about these aspects at The Hope House, you’ll discover:

  • We’ve developed a specialized program to address both mental illness and addiction concurrently, recognizing their often interconnected nature and striving to maximize our client’s chances of success.
  • We’ve maintained our accreditation from the Joint Commission since our inception and consistently meet their rigorous standards through ongoing evaluations.
  • Our team consists of top-tier addiction specialists, all holding at least a master’s degree, ensuring the highest quality of care. Complementing our clinicians, our support staff includes registered nurses, behavior technicians, and other professionals dedicated to ensuring client safety.
  • The Hope House distinguishes itself as a unique rehabilitation center in Arizona by admitting only 10 clients at a time. With our limited bed capacity and spacious residential facility, we prioritize privacy, personalized attention, and tailored treatment for each individual.

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Traveling to Arizona for Recovery

While remaining within one’s local area suits some individuals, seeking rehabilitation in Arizona – offers an advantageous option. The prospect of immersing oneself in a new environment proves beneficial for many undergoing recovery. It provides an opportunity to gain fresh insights, reset one’s mindset, and create distance from potential triggers present in their home state.

At The Hope House, we prioritize the well-being of those traveling for treatment. Our dedicated car service will collect you from the airport and either escort you to detox or directly to our facility, following the guidance of your tailored treatment plan. Subsequently, our case managers will facilitate connections with local resources and programs to support your ongoing treatment upon your return home. Additionally, we offer options for virtual family visits and therapy, ensuring you maximize the benefits of your stay with us.

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