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The Hope House offers two luxury, inpatient rehab programs in Phoenix, Arizona, providing personalized treatment for drug and alcohol addiction to heal the mind & body.

Our Phoenix Rehab Programs

Conveniently located just 30 minutes north of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, The Hope House treatment centers provide addiction services to people across the Valley and those traveling into Arizona to reclaim their lives.

Substance Abuse Programs in Phoenix

In the Phoenix-metro area (Maricopa County) some 245,000 people are struggling with substance abuse disorder. While Arizona does not have the highest incidence of addiction based on its population, it falls in the middle of the pack compared to the 50 U.S. states.

Due to a somewhat high level of substance abuse coupled with its proximity to an international airport and unique environment, recovery centers have been established throughout the metropolitan area. For most, treatment can be divided into 3 distinct categories:

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Due to the physical changes your body undergoes after using drugs or alcohol many have to complete some form of detox before they can continue in treatment. This step allows the body to physically heal and remove toxins in a controlled, supervised environment. Alcohol detox and opioid detox are critical to your health, as withdrawal symptoms from both substances can be fatal.

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Inpatient Rehab

With the body physically healing from substance abuse a client can continue into inpatient rehab. For many this entails a 30-day stay at a facility with daily therapy and intensive sessions. While there are a variety of settings people can complete inpatient treatment in, many recovery centers in Phoenix focus on giving access to the sunny environment, interacting with nature, and taking advantage of the “start fresh vibes” that accompany the western paradise.

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Outpatient Treatment

Following inpatient treatment, aka healing of the mind, clients typically continue into some form of ongoing, outpatient treatment. This may include Sober Living, intensive outpatient treatment, regular therapy, and more.

This step is critical to ensure that rehab is a success and avoid relapse.

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Phoenix Drug Rehab

For clients struggling with both prescription medication and illicit drug use, you’re not alone. Each year nearly 120,000 people across the Valley struggle with the same issue. More than 12,000 people have overdosed from drugs throughout the Phoenix area since they started tracking overdose cases in 2017. Making the Phoenix-metro area the most concentrated overdose location in the state.

The state received funding for medication-assisted treatment to specifically combat opioid use. While MAT programs differ per facility, at The Hope House, medication-assisted treatment is simply a voluntary program that our clients can enroll in to get access to craving-reducing medication. Albeit controversial, MAT has proven to reduce relapse rates in opioid drug users.

Phoenix Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol abuse remains the most prevalent substance of choice among Phoenicians – with nearly 180,000 people struggling with alcohol addiction each year. Because the substance is legal in Arizona and available at most stores around the Valley people often begin drinking socially and gradually progress to binge drinking – ultimately becoming physically dependent on the substance.

Some Phoenicians are considered “functioning alcoholics” and continue to work and raise families while struggling. Because of this, The Hope House has developed a unique program that allows you to continue working while receiving treatment. From a private room, access to electronics, and a modified schedule, clients are able to find recovery while continuing their outside obligations.

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Paying for Rehab in Phoenix

Outside of state-funded facilities, Phoenix rehabs often offer a variety of payment methods to make treatment more affordable, including:

Pay For Rehab In Arizona With Private Insurance

Private Insurance

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Personal Loan

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Credit Card

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State Funds

Using Insurance for Recovery

At The Hope House we’ve partnered with numerous insurance companies across the country to help offset the cost of treatment. Our addiction specialists can assess your policy within 24 hours and give you a comprehensive breakdown of what your policy covers. Upon starting treatment, we will work directly with your insurance company to ensure your policy is being processed correctly.

Most Insurances Accepted

Determining the Best Rehab in Phoenix

With 166 rehabs listed in Phoenix, determining the best rehab can be difficult. For a comprehensive guide to discerning what’s right for you, check out our blog on determining the best rehab in Phoenix. At a glance, some of the critical questions to ask include:

  • Do you treat mental health issues simultaneously (dual diagnosis treatment)?
  • Are you Joint Commission Accredited?
  • Are you clinicians masters-level?
  • How many people do you accept at one time?

When asking these questions of The Hope House you will learn:

  1. We’ve designed a dedicated program to treat both mental illness and addiction simultaneously. We understand that the two often go hand-in-hand and want to give our clients the best chance at success.
  2. We’ve had our Joint Commission Accreditation since nearly inception and have continued to pass all check-ins throughout the years.
  3. We only hire the best addiction specialists in the state and ensure that all clinicians at a minimum have their master’s degree. Our support staff is made up of registered nurses, behavior technicians, and more to ensure the safety of all clients.
  4. The Hope House is a unique Phoenix rehab in that we only accept 10 clients at a time. Our low bed counts along with our oversized residential rehab ensure privacy, 1-on-1 attention, and truly personalized treatment.

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Traveling to Phoenix for Recovery

While staying local is ideal for some, rehab in Arizona – Phoenix specifically – is an ideal destination. The opportunity to be in a new environment is ideal for many in recovery. This allows them to get a new perspective, reset their mindset, and distance themselves from potential triggers in their home state.

At The Hope House, we ensure those traveling in for treatment are taken care of. Our car service will pick you up from the airport and transport you to detox or directly to our facility as determined by your personalized treatment plan. From there, our case managers will connect you with local organizations and programs to continue your treatment once you return home. We can also accommodate virtual family visitation and therapy to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

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